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Thursday, 17TH May

14:00-15:30- Workshops by choice

Workshop 1 – Financial liability, Natalia Simova, team leader in Legal Department, BTC

Workshop 2 – Market of ideas: How to make our teams happy, Valya Dankova and Liubov Kirilova, Bimec

16:00-17:30- HR café- What challenges and what motivates you? Dragomira Shuleva, manager, Together

17:30-19:00- Where are the diamonds? – networking with Katalist Bulgaria

19:00-20:30- Dinner

20:30- The recognition of the efforts made is a stronger motivation that the implementation plan imposed- meeting with Liudmila Filipova, writer and astrophysicist
The meeting with Lyudmila Filipova is supported by

Friday, 18th May

8:30-9:00- Registration

9:00-9:15- Opening

9:15-9:50- The path from science to business- how to engage our employees more sensibly with the latest discoveries in neuroscience?- professor Nikos Lambridis, International Faculty of the University of Sheffield, City College, Head Coach and Neuroleadership Expert, Anelia Dimitrova , CATRO Bulgaria

9:50-10:45- Discussion with successful bulgarian enterpreneurs

Moderator: Petya Popova, HR business partner, cQuest Research and Consulting


Borislav Domuschiev, CEO, cQuest Research and Consulting

Georgi Naydenov,manager, Jobs Partner, manager, Next Generation Solutions

Miroslav Dolapchiev, CEO, ALOVOR, founder Tailor Lamb; manager BECTA

10:45-11:15- Coffee break

11:15-11:35-Building a coaching culture with the leaders of the new generation-research of ICF and Human Capital Institute,Maria Stoykova,chairperson of management board of ICF Bulgaria

11:35-12:15- Panel discussion ,, The benefits from HR from CSR practices”

Moderator: Mariana Petrova, corporate social responsibility expert and strategic donation


Nikoleta Borislavova, Senior HR expert, Sofia France Auto

Galina Tomova, assistant to the country officer, Citybank Bulgaria

Hristina Haralampieva- manager ,,Events and brand”, VMware Bulgaria

12:15-12:45- GDPR for HR-the HPE approach, Nikolina Dzhalazova, legal counsel, HPE Bulgaria

12:45-13:45- Lunch

13:45-14:15- In the present of the future of work, Natalia Blagoeva, Eudaimonia Solutions

14:15-15:15- HR practices /part I/

-Efficiency and Achievement Program, Julia Teneva, Human Resources Manager for EVN Companies in Bulgaria, Vera Varimezova, Education and Development Specialist, EVN Academy

-How to grow a GMO-free Brand?, Nikolay Sabev, CEO, ECONT, Milena Hajiivanova, Manager, H-Vision, Milin Jalaliev, Chief of Communication, Publicis One

-How employee’s welfare influenced the company's "health", Anna Kirilova, manager, IAF Bulgaria, Klimentina Rasheva, founder and managing partner, denkstatt

15:15-15:45- Coffee break

15:45-16:45- HR practices /part II/

-Organizational culture in the focus of the performance management system, Magdalena Sergieva, Director of Human Resources and Administration, Prestige-96

-How innovation and entrepreneurship find place in the corporate environment, Miglena Uzunova-Tsekova, Senior HR Director and Member of the Leader’s Team, Petar Ivanov, Team Leader in Acquisition and Development, Mobiltel

-SAP - The evolution of the HR model of a global technology company, Annie Koteva, HR Manager, SAP South Eastern Europe, Nevena Taneva, HR Manager, SAP Labs Bulgaria

*Time for each presentation is also time for Q & A sessions.

** All day on Friday a translation is provided from English to Bulgarian and from Bulgarian to English

Paralel advertisement sessions:

11:15-11:45- Nature inPlant- Green office - innovative approach in the construction of the employer's brand, Stella Tzvetkova, Manager, NaVun

11:15-11:45- Care for employees and their families - a unique social benefit for the balance of work and personal life, Martin Petrov, CEO, The Little Gym Sofia

13:45-14:15- Toxic Leadership: "The Stars" That Cause Catastrophes, SDiana Boyanova and Tanya Brickler, Prometriks


20:00- Gala dinner with the support of

Sunday 19th May

10:00-12:00- Workshops by choice

Workshop 1: From HR to RH: Respect Humans! Nikos Lambridis, international neuroexpert, / working language of the workshop: English/

Workshop 2: How to turn the contradictions into the organization into its capital ? Natalia Blagoeva, Eudaimonia Solutions




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